What is GoodTech?

GoodTech is a comprehensive technology and design company committed to empowering progressive people and organizations with the right tools and talent to fuel the good they do.

In this inaugural blog post, we share a bit about our mandate and business philosophy.

For something that promises so much, IT too often fails to really deliver.

Too many IT companies are consumed by trends and the purpose of the latest ‘it’ technology, rather than what simply works best for their clients. It’s easy to believe they know what’s best, given that they’re the experts, but something integral is missing: you. Without taking the time to get to know you, how can any specialist truly claim they have your success in mind?

GoodTech was born from, and remains rooted in the nonprofit community, so we have an intimate knowledge from the get-go of what you likely need. But we don’t take your unique experience for granted. We take a humanistic approach to technology, putting users and their experience at the center of our solutions. We immerse ourselves in your work culture and environment to better understand exactly what you need to achieve your aims.

GoodTech doesn’t buy into hype — we invest in what provides real benefit. There’s a new, born-digital generation longing for bold, clarion voices championing their values on the platforms and mediums they use daily. With an intimate knowledge of your needs, we’ll help you modernize your organization to reach an audience eager to hear from you — with technology that actually empowers.

Our Mandate:

  1. Empower Clients: Empowerment comes from education and documentation, so that an organization isn’t left dependent upon us indefinitely. We don’t want to be a replacement for someone or something already there — unless what’s there isn’t working. We want users to feel confident in their technology, so they can focus on other ‘good’ stuff.
  2. Promote Ethical Standards: We put principle and professionalism before profit, and work with organizations who operate the same way. We strive to work with and elevate those with noble causes, with a vision set on a future that promotes equality, justice and progress for all.
  3. Develop Solutions Just Right for You: We take the time to get to know and fully comprehend an organization’s mission and personality, so any technology introduced will fit their budget, meet their goals and be intuitive to users.

Our Values:

  1. Fair Labour: In the face of a generational crisis of precarious, impermanent jobs and undermined labour standards, GoodTech affirms the right of all to be paid fairly for the fruits of their labour, and to have stable, fulfilling work that challenges them while providing for their material needs.
  2. A Culture of Sustainability: The tech and nonprofit industries both have much to learn when it comes to embracing a culture of sustainability, one that fosters long-term engagement instead of cycles of burnout. GoodTech was founded in the spirit of fostering new cultural standards consistent with sustainable social and environmental practices.
  3. Equality and Justice: Equality is at the core of our humanistic values — but it’s not always enough. GoodTech is committed to actively pursuing a workforce reflective of humanity’s — and Canada’s — own diversity, and we’re convinced of the necessity of a dramatic redistribution of wealth and power if humanity is to survive and thrive beyond this century.

So what is GoodTech? It’s the tech that’s right for the good you do.

We believe that honest tech can do a world of good. Now we’re out to prove it.

#DoGoodBetter #TechForTheGoodYouDo

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