People of GoodTech – Autumn Corvus

Hi, I’m Autumn — GoodTech’s founder and Director.

Never in all my life did I expect to be founding a business. Lawyer, journalist, academic — sure. What I’ve realised in becoming an adult is that careers rarely come that neatly packaged and singular anymore.

After years supporting nonprofits as an autodidactic do-it-all, burning the candle at all ends just to keep things running at the level of my own exacting standards, I knew there had to be better ways to provide IT services to nonprofits and other social impact organizations. I founded GoodTech to provide a solution to that problem.

I’m a jack-of-all-trades generalist, well versed enough to handle most things thrown at me, but also to know where expertise is really needed — and how to translate between those experts and end-users. I draw connections and tie together the work of the whole team, and sweat even the small details to ensure we exceed our own and our clients’ expectations.

Beyond work, my interests are wide-ranging. Most notably: I’m a political junkie, committed to the causes of equal representation, electoral reform and most of all, the radical social and economic revolutions that will be necessary if humanity is to survive the catastrophic effects of climate change.

I live with my wife and three chubby cats in downtown Ottawa. I’ll know we’ve really made it when we add a doggo to the mix.

Interests: Animals (the kinds with fur mostly), Nordic Noir (hard-core Scandophile), transhumanism, futurism, artificial intelligence and emerging technologies.

Known For: Snarky wit on social media; being introverted and hermetic by nature, but surprisingly gregarious in the right social settings.

Proudest Moment: Founding a business two and half years after losing everything in a massive fire (see this post for more on that).

A Cause I Support: #MeToo — we need to believe and support women.

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