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GoodTech is a comprehensive technology and design company committed to empowering progressive individuals, groups, and organizations with the right tools and talent to fuel the good they do.

Our services

IT Infrastructure Management

Managed Cloud Services

Virtual CIO Consulting

VOIP & Video Conferencing

Web Development & Maintenance

Security & Backup Systems

IT Audits, Beginning with a Free Consultation

CRM, Donation & Marketing Systems

Remote Work & Collaboration Solutions

Equipment Procurement & Planning

Servers & Software as a Service

Custom Solutions


Some of the Platforms We Support

Office & Microsoft 365

Google for Work

Amazon Web Services





Identify Verification Systems


Zoom, Citrix, & Other Video Conference Apps

Learning Management Systems

Linux, Ubuntu, PaaS

What is GoodTech?

GoodTech is a comprehensive technology and design company committed to empowering progressive people and organizations with the right tools and talent to fuel the good they do. In this inaugural blog post, we share a bit about our mandate and business philosophy. For something that promises so much, IT too often fails to really deliver. Too many IT companies are consumed by trends and the purpose of the latest ‘it’ technology, rather than what simply works best for their clients. It’s easy to believe they know what’s best, given that they’re the experts, but something integral is missing: you. Without taking the time to get to know you, how can any specialist truly claim they have your success in mind? GoodTech was born from, and remains rooted in the nonprofit community, so we have an intimate knowledge from the get-go of what you likely need. But we don’t take your unique experience for granted.

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Why GoodTech?

Whenever I talk to anyone about this business I’ve started, the question of ‘why?’ is unavoidable. And for good reason: starting a business is no small task, and not something I ever envisioned myself pursuing. The truth is, for me it wasn’t really a choice. After years of working with nonprofits as an overworked do-it-all ‘IT wizard,’ I knew there needed to be a better way. I don’t mean in some ideal Star-Trekian world where money and time are no object. Here, in this world of noble causes with shoestring budgets, there must be another way of doing things, because the status quo wasn’t serving anyone well. Nonprofits — particularly the small, plucky groups I’ve specialized in working with — are often used to working among tight-knit groups with common values and knowledge, and a singular uniting focus. IT’s just not like that. The expanse of everything that falls under the umbrella of ‘Technology’

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We’re With Her: Political Representation, #MeToo, The Wage Gap, & How We Want to Help Bring Change

Note: This article was originally going to focus on the gender gap in pay equity. In light of the events of the past few weeks, we at GoodTech felt it was important to put that inequality in its larger political context, and to not avoid discussion of the outrageous hypocrisy we’re witnessing in our midst, from the powerful men who see #MeToo as merely threatening their privilege, instead of as a movement of justice-seeking to prevent further future wrongs. In 2011, Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls)” anthem hit the airwaves, catapulting the signer to the forefront of pop culture, where over the next five years she would come to represent a new generation of confident, empowered women ready to boldly assert their strength and …

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People of GoodTech – Autumn Corvus

Hi, I’m Autumn — GoodTech’s founder and Director. Never in all my life did I expect to be founding a business. Lawyer, journalist, academic — sure. What I’ve realised in becoming an adult is that careers rarely come that neatly packaged and singular anymore. After years supporting nonprofits as an autodidactic do-it-all, burning the candle at all ends just to keep things running at the level of my own exacting standards, I knew there had to be better ways to provide IT services to nonprofits and other social impact organizations. I founded GoodTech to provide a solution to that problem. I’m a jack-of-all-trades generalist, well versed enough to handle most things thrown at me, but also to know where expertise is really needed — …

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Tool Talk: Take Action With Asana

Amp up your team’s accountability and engagement In an effort to cut down on post-its and notepads, your team may be thinking of switching over to a task management software. While products like Todoist, Trello, or Wunderlist may work for your day-to-day, outside of work goals, it’s rare to find a software that so seamlessly integrates task management with project management, in a way that fosters and promotes team collaboration but doesn’t take a six-month course to get the hang of. If that’s what you’re looking for, Asana’s one of the best tools we could recommend. Asana came into being in 2012 with a sterling Silicon Valley pedigree, but it made its name by being approachable and easy to get started with. If you’re …

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